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The first male idol group from LOEN ENTERTAINMENT.
Debut at 26 April 2013
Official Twitter >> @HISTORY426
Official Facebook >> HISTORY426
Official Youtube >> HISTORYloen
Official FanCafe >> http://cafe.daum.net/HISTORY426
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16 may 2013

[LIVE] Mnet M!Countdown - 06.00 PM KST

17 may 2013

MBC every1 ‘Korean art Idol competitions - everyone gather (jang yi jeong appearances) - 12.00 - 1.30 AM KST

21 may 2013

[Broadcast] Arirang TV ‘Simply Kpop’ - 1.00 PM KST

source: HISTORY Official Site

Translated By: oliv @ fuckyeahhistory426

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Happy Birthday 생일 축하 합니다 #PrinceSihyung! Since 1992.05.15From your uljjang looks to your deep voice to your subtle lisp to your derpy eye-smile that you have when your face lights up, you are perfect to me in every way possible. Even when you don’t do anything, for some reason my eyes still return to you. There’s something about you, maybe it’s your aura or maybe you’re just a human magnet, that just makes me feel immensely attracted to you. Although I know that there are many sides that you still haven’t shown us, I know that you will slowly reveal them to us in the future, being the tease that you are. Have a wonderful 22nd birthday, and let’s celebrate your 23rd, your 24th, your 25th, and more birthdays together in the future.P.S. Please take a selca after Kyung Il cakes you in the face, it’s my dearest wish ^^
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[TWITTER] 130515 Si Hyung holding his birthday cake gifted by kimsihyoung.com
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[1305015] 100 Days of History {D+19}
May 15th, 22nd birthday ♪I got the most birthday cakes I’ve ever gotten in my whole life.I will never forget any of the messages I’ve been given and will work show a cooler Kim Sihyung!
Storias, thank you so so much! I love you!! ♥I also love my HISTORY members so much!!!!! ♥♥
You thought that this was the end, right? 

Source: HISTORY Daum FancafeTranslated by: Christie @ HISTORY426; take out with full credits.
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